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Fasteners For Industrial Sheds and Fabricated Structure

Fasteners For Oil and Gas Piping

Fasteners For Automobile Industries
Fasteners For Automobile Industries

Fasteners For Chemical Industries
Fasteners For Chemical Industries

Fasteners For Aerospace Industries
Fasteners For Aerospace Industries

Anchor Fasteners

Anchor bolts are used to connect structural and non-structural elements to concrete. The connection can be made by a variety of different components: anchor bolts, steel plates, or stiffeners. Anchor bolts transfer different types of load: tension forces and shear forces

Stainless Steel Fasteners

Stainless steel is one of the most common materials used for fasteners due to its stability, strength and anti-corrosive and high heat properties. Martensitic stainless steel screws, bolts, nuts and studs are extremely strong and easily machined.

GI Threaded Rods

Accurately designed, these full thread rods represent the perfect fusion of quality raw material and cutting edge technology. Widely used in several industries, these thread rods are available in various sizes and dimensions

MS Fasteners

There are three main types of threaded fastener; Bolts, Screws and Studs. Bolts have a head on one end (this is usually a hex head) and are threaded on the other. Mild Steel Nuts are made using high grade mild steel. The high tensile strength of these nuts makes them durable. Further, the entire product range is corrosion resistant. Offered at standard market prices these nuts have a high demand in the market

Bullet Fasteners

It's a bullet anchor fastener. These anchors are a female concrete anchor. These anchors are specially designed for anchoring into concrete.

High Tensile Fasteners

Tensile strength, also known as ultimate tensile strength or UTS, refers to the maximum amount of stress a bolt can withstand before it fails to perform correctly

Corrugated Fasteners

A small corrugated strip of steel sharp on one of the long edges and hammered in as a fastener across wood joints in rough carpentry.

Metal Fastener

Metal fasteners are of two kinds—those producing a permanent bond and those requiring either a releasable or a sliding bond. Screws, nuts and bolts, rivets, retaining rings and clamps are examples from the first category. Metal fasteners must be strong to bear significant loads.

Belt Fasteners

Choosing the proper mechanical belt fastener system is one of the most important steps in splicing a belt. Combining surprising strength and durability with affordability and easy installation, mechanical belt fasteners are a smart repair option.